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A Little Arkansas Daffodil History


The Arkansas Daffodil Society (ARDS) was organized sometime in 1959-60.  The American Daffodil Society having been organized April 9, 1954 in D.C.  We are sure that Carl Amason was one of the main people to spearhead the Arkansas group.  In the 1960 American Daffodil Society (ADS) Yearbook there were 32 ADS members from Arkansas.  In August 1964 the ADS membership had grown to 45 which included 18 ADS Judges as well as 4 student judges. In July 1966 that membership grew to 58 with 22 ADS Judges. There are currently 16 ADS members from Arkansas.

The first Arkansas Annual Daffodil Show was held in March 1961.  No records were found for the 1980 show and there was no show in 2005 making 2012 the 50th Annual Daffodil Show.  There were many exhibitors in the early years including Quinn entries.  Mrs. Ralph Henry of Siloam Springs won the first ADS Quinn at the Arkansas show.  This was followed by Mrs. Jesse Cox in 1962 and Mrs. Betty Barnes in 1964.  Some years there were two shows instead of our usual one show per year.  In March 1965 there was a show on March 3 in Russellville and one on March 23 in El Dorado.  How they managed that without reversing the dates for the locations is an unknown.  Shows were held in various locations such as Little Rock, Fort Smith, and El Dorado etc.    Dick and Gertie Butler donated funds for a daffodil display garden and gazebo at Hendrix College in the 80’s and we used Hulen Hall for many years. 

There were several from Arkansas who contributed articles to the ADS Journal with Carl Amason being the most prolific.  When I joined the ADS in 1983, I wanted every journal.  Ms. Leslie Anderson made sure I was able to buy all the back issues as they became available.  I devoured every issue, that was before I finally figured out I wasn’t going to be able to keep good daffodils in my Grant County soil.  Some of the same problems such as “Labels” are the same problems we have today, some things never change!!!!!!!  An excellent article was how Mrs. Laura Lee Cox got her money during the war and bought a place on Lake Catherine in Hot Springs which was considered in the “boonies”.  When her husband returned from the war, she presented him with the deed with instructions they were to begin clearing it for a home and to plant daffodils.   The first Arkansas show I attended in 1983 was held in Hot Springs.  Laura Lee was in her 80’s then and was the show chairman. During the 80's and 90's memberships in Garden Clubs and Flower Societies began to dwindle.   Many people were instrumental in keeping the Daffodil show going after the many early warriors could no longer participate.  To name just a few, Gertie and Dick Butler, Gerald and Beth Horton, JA Strauss, Frances Goodenough and Kay Mayes.  Carl Amason always sent money to help financially when he was no longer able to attend the shows.  Before we had the internet with “Google”, if you had a question, Carl was the person to call. 

Celia Jones visited us at our 1991 Arkansas show and got us interested in “heirloom” daffodils.  Gerald Horton was President at the time.  In March 1992, Arkansas offered the first “heirloom class” for pre-1940 daffodils.  In April 1996 ADS voted to add the ADS Historic Section to the ADS shows for 1997.  Therefore, our heirloom class became the ADS Historic.  The first Historic Ribbon at a National Show was in Jackson, Mississippi and was won by Kirby Fong for  N. Jonquilla “Minor Plenus” in 1997. 

Char Roush, Arkansas Daffodil Society, Historian


Following is a list of previous Gold winners for the Arkansas shows

The ADS Gold Ribbons is best in Show.

No records from 1959 thru 1965

Year        Cultivar                                         Winner Year        Cultivar                                   Winner

1966       Preamble                              Mrs. B. B. Boozman

1967       Fireproof                               Mrs. George Hartge, Jr.

1968       Nuage                                  Mrs. Charles Dillard

1969       Tranquil Morn                        Mabel Ketcheside

1970       Aircastle                               Mrs. W. G. Alexander

1971       Not Recorded

1972       Audubon                               Mrs. Mabel Ketcheside

1973       Dainty Miss                          Mrs. Mabel Ketcheside

1974       Ocean Spray                        Mrs. Laura Lee Cox

1975       Medalist                               Mrs. W. D. Owen

1976       Broomhill                              Mrs. H. R. Hensel

1977       Acropolis                              Mrs. D. O. Harton, Jr.

1978       Kingfisher                             Mrs. D. O. Harton, Jr.

1979       Falstaff                                 Mrs. Mabel Ketcheside

1980       Not Recorded

1981       Chiloquin                              Mrs. Gertie Butler

1982       Green Quest                         Mrs. Laura Lee Cox

1983       Green Gold                           Mrs. Gertie Butler

1984       Heron                                   Mrs. Wayne Anderson

1985       Ivy League                            Mrs. Kay Mayes

1986       Canisp                                 Mrs. Jo Bentley

1987       Broomhill                              Frances Goodenough

1988       Broomhill                              Gerald Horton

1989       Greek Key                            Gerald Horton


1990       Symphonette                       Gerald Horton

1991       Loch Lundie                         Rodney Armstrong

1992       Starmount                            Louise Dunn

1993       Misty Glen                           Frances Goodenough

1994       Pop’s Legacy                       Judy Faggard

1995       Patchit                                 Leslie Anderson

1996       Resplendent                         Sandra Shepherd

1997       Gull                                     Louise Dunn

1998       Geometrics                          Martha Anderson

1999       Mareeba                              Larry Force

2000       Gin & Lime                          Larry Force

2001       Loch Leven                          Jim Russell

2002       Vineland                              Jim Russell

2003       Pacific Rim                          Jim Russell

2004       Conestoga                           Kay Mayes

2005       Not Recorded

2006       Green Linnet                        Margaret Nichols

2007       Geometrics                          Larry Force

2008       Sabine Hay                          James Russell

2009       King of Diamonds                 Larry Force

2010       Lemon Silk                          Rodney Armstrong

2011       Killearnan                            Char Roush

2012       Pogo                                   Larry Force                          



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