The Arkansas Daffodil Society

Registration for the ADS National Convention and Show in Little Rock

       March 27-30, 2014

Please print clearly and submit a separate registration for each participant.

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City, State, Country, ZIP/Postal Code:    ______________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________ Telephone:   ______________

Name to appear on nametag: ________________________________________________



This is my first ADS Convention.



I plan to exhibit flowers



I will mentor first-timers



I plan to exhibit photographs.



I plan to attend the Sunday tour  ________

About how many photos? _________



Note any dietary restrictions:  _____________________________________



$309 postmarked by February 15; and $319 after February 15. Registration fee includes: • ADS National Show • Friday Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting • Saturday Sessions, Lunch, and Dinner • Sunday bus trip to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, lunch at the Magnolia Room, tour White Rock Garden and Kay Shearer Garden and dinner.


(__) $107 FRIDAY;   P. Allen Smith’s field trip including lunch at his home and a tour of Wye Mountain and Wildwood.  Registrations open until March 10, if the minimum of registrants forty (40) has been met.




TOTAL ENCLOSED; $____________ Check #______________ Date__________________

Please send your completed registration form & check, payable to:


Leianne McGinnis, Registration Chairman

45 River Ridge Rd, Little Rock, AR 72227


Registration ADS National Show 2014.pdf

We would like to thank Gary and Bonnie McClure, for their generous sponsorship towards the ArDS web site.




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