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Welcome to the Arkansas Daffodil Society (ArDS).  Inside you will find information about growing and caring for your daffodils as well as our organization and activities.  The purpose of the Arkansas Daffodil Society is to promote, appreciate and preserve the Natural State's daffodils. 

The Arkansas Daffodil Society is open to everyone from professionals to amateurs, experienced botanists and beginning gardeners, adults and children.

Make plans now to come to Little Rock, Arkansas for the
2014 National Daffodil Convention! 
March 26 - 30   Daffodils in the Natural State

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

Convention tour of P. Allen Smith's Home

and Garvan Gardens are available. 

See Details here!


2011 ADS Gold Ribbons,

Best in Show from ArDS


exhibited by Char Roush

Sheridan, AR

We would like to thank Gary and Bonnie McClure, for their generous sponsorship towards the ArDS web site.








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